We have some unique gamemodes and few classic ones that we are excited to show off to the public.
Some are still work in progress and are not released yet but we hope to have those out soon.


Survival Classic:

Jump off the starting spawn island, and explore the vast oceans and great plains of a brand new world. Bring your friends, build a town, and show your true abilities to everyone around you.

Parkour World:

The parkour world will allow players to jump around tens of courses, while improving their times to reach the highest on the leaderboard!

Sky Islands (In Progress):

Only starting with an elytra and some rockets, fly into the empty world where only floating islands call it home. From there, explore the islands, find rare artifacts, and become the richest in all the land.

Slimefun Civilizations (Coming Soon):

Description coming soon

More coming soon!

We are still thinking of new gamemodes and are working to get new experiences to the server.
Some of these gamemodes are still in planning and are not ready to be revealed yet.
Once we feel like they are planned enough we will add them to this list.